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Good health is the foundation of life. Nurse Practitioner Dr. Katina Kennedy, is a dual certified Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Author, Speaker, T.V. and Radio Health Expert, Educator, Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Fitness Advocate, Founder of Know Your Health Status Movement & Health Parties. She started her career in 2003 and has never wavered in her effort to teach people about good health. She is the owner of her very own medical practice, Dr. Katina Health and Wellness. Energetic, compassionate and caring, are just a few words that describe, Dr. Katina.  She has continued to build an adept career within the medical industry through strong community ties and her ability to speak and reach people in a unique way.  Dr. Katina began her journey studying nursing at Florida A&M University, and then went on to complete her masters’ degree in nursing at Florida Atlantic University and later she obtained two doctoral degrees, one in educational leadership (EdD) and her second doctorate in nursing practice (DNP). “My purpose in life is to educate others about having a healthy mind, body and lifestyle so they can live a high quality of life, mentally and physically,” says Dr. Katina.
Dr. Katina grew up in an inner city in which she overcame the norm of being a high school dropout. She was determined and focused to excel in education. Dr. Katina wanted to make it to college! After the death of her grandfather who suffered a stroke, she was determined to obtain necessary skills of helping others by becoming a nurse practitioner. This desire and passion led her to launch her non-profit organization, the All About Healthy Living Foundation, which caters to the health needs of people within the African-American community. According to Dr. Katina, “I started this foundation to serve as a resource and guide for our community in regards to promoting health awareness and education.” The foundation has a mission to promote, inspire and educate people on healthy living for a better quality of life. Since its inception, she’s awarded numerous scholarships to deserving high school students who seek a career in the healthcare field.
It hasn’t been an easy road for Dr. Katina, after a terrible car accident she suffered from back spasms, nerve pain, depression and PTSD. She did not think she would get back to her prior fitness level. She almost died with her son in the back seat, her life flashed before her eyes. She was a pillar of wellness and one head on collision could have taken her out. She lost feeling in her back and it took months to get back to normal. She was seeing patients in pain. Leaving the office in tears as she fought through the feeling of being powerless. There was a moment where she thought she would never get back to normalcy until her husband gave her an ultimatum and that was the moment it clicked. She could have let it ruin her. However, with her dedication and determination she was able to work through the spasms by stretching and maintaining a consistent exercise regimen.
In the beginning years of her career, Dr. Katina served as a Registered Nurse (RN) for four years in the medical surgical trauma and critical care unit. She is currently a dual certified Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and owner of Dr. Katina Health and Wellness, Inc. that practices primary care medicine, mental health, sexual health, teen and women’s health and much more. She is an advocate for getting and staying physically fit and for managing and treating chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, mental health disorders and much more. She is also an advocate in promoting a positive sexual health lifestyle. She created her own personal lubricant, Sextivia, to enhance one’s sexual experience. Moreover, Dr. Katina encourages the community on social media by posting fitness and health tips in order to build awareness and encourage a healthier lifestyle.
In 2015, Dr. Katina’s life took a dramatic turn. She received the high distinction of one of 25 Most Influential Black Women in Business and Industry. That was the moment she knew her life’s purpose was greater than serving people behind the four walls of her office. She took her love and passion for health, medicine, fitness and wellness and embarked upon a social media campaign to get people healthy and fit. She started to upload videos discussing various topics such as chronic illnesses, high blood pressure, women’s health and various wellness issues. Some of her most controversial topics are focused on sex related content such as vaginal dryness, masturbation and bacterial vaginosis. There is no topic she won’t tackle. She launched her popular, “Let’s Talk Sex: Wednesday’s” on Facebook and has garnered over a million views.
She has a passion to teach and educate about healthy sexual lifestyles. In 2016, Dr. Katina released her first book, Let’s Talk Sex & STDs: A Guide to Prepare Parents for the Talk and Student Edition. This book started a very important dialogue around sex and sex health for all age groups. The Let’s Talk Sex & STDs series is here to assist in parental and student readiness; to assure all information passed on is correct and consistent with that of medical professionals. This guide breaks down sex and STDs in a way that anyone can understand. Dr. Katina has created this self-help medical advisory guidebook so that when it is time to educate and inform your children of sex, it’s done skillfully.
Dr. Katina says, “It was constructed in an easy way to rest all the myths and rumors that exist and that spread throughout sexually uneducated children.” Not only is Dr. Davis-Kennedy a nursing professor, nurse Practitioner, health educator and fitness motivator, but she also shows her passion for health by being a healthy-living motivational speaker and author. “I Aspire to inspire others to transform into their higher capabilities,” says Dr. Katina.
In 2018, she launched an online Masterclass series to educate women about health, wellness and sex. Dr. Katina continues to provide great online content through Facebook and Instagram live. She is committed to empowering and inspiring women to live healthy, active and amazing lives. She is dedicated, determined and on a mission to change the world. Her vision is connecting health and wellness to your everyday life.
Some of her media accomplishments were an appearance in Essence and Black Love Magazines, Claudia Jordan’s Fox Soul Show, NBC 6 ‘The Voices’ with Jawan Strader, the nationally syndicated TV One talk show, Sister Circle Live. She’s also a regular guest on Get Up Mornings! With Erica Campbell, a nationally syndicated radio show where Dr. Katina joined Erica for the “Health Ever After” segment to discuss issues ranging from mental health to knowing your health status. Check out her YouTube page for more media appearances.
Dr. Katina’s passion is to inspire others to make a change to live a healthier lifestyle physically and mentally. There is no stopping Dr. Katina! She states, “my vision is to travel the world promoting health awareness and health education through speaking engagements and health parties.”  With her drive, commitment and vibrant personality to inspire, this vision is sure to come into fruition.
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What I've Done

  • Greater mount zion 2024 lifetime achievement award
  • Mount Olive Development Corporation (MODCO) Honoree for the Living Legend Community Service Award (2022)
  • Broward Education Foundation Honoree for Community Achievement (2021)
  • Honoree for sickle cell Association of Broward County (2019)
  • Proclamation from Broward County Mayor Dale Holness for community work (2019)
  • Author of Lets Talk Sex and STDs: A Guide to Prepare Parents for the Talk
  • Author of Lets Talk Sex and STDs: Student Edition
  • Jim Moran African-American Achievers Nominee (2017)
  • Honoree for Legacy Magazines South Florida’s Most Prominent and Influential Women in Business and Industry (2015)
  • Social Media Health Educator
  • Delta Education Life and Development Foundation
  • All About Healthy Living Foundation Inc. Est. 2016 (Founded by Dr. Katina Davis-Kennedy herself)
  • Florida Nurses Association
  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated
  • Sexual Health speaker at the The Pretty Girl Conference
  • Healthy Living Speaker at The FAMU Orange Blossom Elevation Event
  • North Miami Fit Day Speaker on Health
  • Faith Temple Christian Center Family Conference Healthy Living Speaker
  • DST Teen Health Party Speaker
  • South Florida Fashion Academy-Topic Hygiene
  • Healthy Living Presenter at the O.K.A.Y. Institute for Girls Teen Summit
  • Sickle Cell Foundation Health Fair Speaker
  • Girl Fessionals Dinner Speaker on Healthy Living
  • Youth Healthy Living Presenter & Educator at The Spiritual Israel Church, and New Mount Olive Baptist Church
  • Alzheimer’s Association presenter with the Loving Hearts Alzheimer Organization
  • Instructed Aerobic Classes to Support the American Heart Association Go Red For Women Movement (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Go Red Event)
  • Women Empowering Women (W.E.W.) Presenter at the Heart Healthy Workshop
  • Fitness Workshop Presenter Encouraging Parents and Students to Eat Healthily and Exercise at Castle Hill Elementary School
  • Glenda All into One Non-Profit Organization Family Health Education Day Presenter
  • Healthy Living Presenter at the My Future My Choice Inc. Girls Seminar on Personal Hygiene
  • Broward County Public Schools Equity Conference-Health Expert Speaker on Self-Care while Caring
  • Pretty in Pink All Girl Empowerment Brunch Speaker on Selfcare and Hygiene